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The mirror

Bardhyl Mezini

Bardhyl Mezini

Bardhyl Mezini was born in Vlora on 27 November 1949. From 2000 he has lived in Michigan USA. His profession is zoo technical however he has been passionate about literature since his youth. Among other genres he writes fables. To date, a reader can find about 600 fables collected in the books: Gomari refugjat (The refugee donkey), Parlamenti i Ezopit (Aesop’s Parliament), Kohë dhelpërish (The time of foxes), and Kur të hanë brirët (When your horns itch)


While walking, a King,

Suddenly his foot slips.

All around, who saw,

Said the street is to blame…

A little later a citizen,

Like the King, slipped.

They said of this poor man:

How much has he had to drink…

The mirror

A monkey asked the mirror

When in it he saw his face:

Where do you find the courage

To show me ugliness?

She starts to explain,

But he didn’t wait and broke it.

The broken mirror said:

What wrong have I done your sir,

Since you break my poor self,

For simply telling the truth...

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