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Zyhdi Dervishi

Zyhdi Dervishi

Zyhdi Dervishi was born on the 4th March 1956 in Kruja, Albania. After completing his earlier studies, he completed his degree in Philosophy in the faculty of Political Science and Jurisprudence of the University of Tirana, a PhD in the same faculty of the University and in 2007 became a professor. He has worked as a journalist, Editor in Chief of the sociology themed magazine PAJTIMI, as a lecturer of sociology in the University of Tirana and since 2004 as Supervisor of the Sociology Department of the University of Tirana. Dervishi is a member of the Centre of Sociological Analysis of Social Interaction and Media Communication in Albania, and of the Sociological Society of Albania.

Zyhdi Dervishi has written many scientific books including Lente të ndërveprimit simbolik(Lenses of symbolic interaction), Vullnetarizmi – ind shumëfunksional i shoqërisë(Volunteering – a multifunctional tissue of society), and Ndërmjet fshatit dhe qytetërimit global(Between the village and global urbanisation). He has also written sociology textbooks for secondary education such as Sociology Iand Sociology II,and Knowledge of Sociology. He has written many scientific articles which are published in many scientific journals and magazines, has taken part in important research in the field of sociology and has taken presented many talks on sociology both in Albania and abroad. He has also been an invited guest to many television and radio shows to give his professional opinion on sociological matters.

Zyhdi Dervishi’s literary work includes two poetry books Qiej të përthyer(Folded Skies, 1999) and Jehonlebetia(2005). He has also had many other poems published in the press of Tirana, Prishtina and Skopje.


Billions of people divided

like grains of sand in the heat

of the endless desert

of loneliness.

Give me a drop of water

so that I bring two grains together

in an oasis

of friendship.


…and the pigeons were armed

with the atomic bomb

of the killer virus

of flu.

As always

the fate of humans

on the brink

of end.

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