Stavri Çipi


Raised the church over the seas

for the Almighty God,

The honored Illyrian emperor

The great Justinian lord.

For the creator’s glory,

for the nation’s faithful,

Saint Sophia was elevated

On the empire’s heart.

Saint Sophia, heaven's wisdom,

Earthly enlightenment,

to stay beside His creation

To guide the faithful way.

A light upon earthly sky

Eternal remembrance,

To spread wisdom upon all

the peace will reign sovran.

Across all the seas and oceans

full of heavenly light

Pellegrins would get in line

To receive the grace in heart.

Thousand years passed by

The holy temple rise.

Lighted the fires

on the depths and the blue light

The empire’s heart was overrun,

the barbarian creature.

Grieve and howl all human’s soul

Saint Sophia, the Holy temple.

Invasion flame clouded the sky

Constantinople washed in red,

Holy church felt the bickering

Horror came beside.

Intruders knew the storied

on the holy church’s marvels,

and acted on false pretensions

Tried to cover the light with mud.

The holy of holiness

Beamed the light everywhere,

Raised the fallen’s voice

All creation’s attention got.

I’M HERE! - resounded God

Saint Mary and all the Saints.

I’m here! - roars the past

The brave and valorous.

A passage between screams

Thundering the air.

Enough! - said the blessed

to the deception time!

Where the sea is sliced apart,

and the sacred land too,

The holy church resounds profound:

- I’m here too!

Loud is the past’s voice

On every spirit says:

- I’m the ancient Saint Sophia

Christianity speaks for itself.

Prosper Rome on both sides

Europe and Asia alike.

It’s the bridge for all the seas

This big creation site.

He treasured his creation

To elevate the Mighty God

And stands on that same spot

The holy church Saint Sophia

It will stand for countless centuries,

Although shifts to mosque

The whole creation will pray:

- Save us all Saint Sophia!

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