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Sazan Goliku

Sazan Goliku

Sazan Goliku, the literary pseudonym of Pandeli Koçi, was born in Vlorë, Albania on the 6thJanuary 1942, to a patriotic family originally from Tepelena. Since his time in primary school and later in secondary education, he began writing and publishing his work. He completed his degree on Albanian Language and Literature in the faculty of History and Philology of Tirana University, and has worked as a teacher, cultural worker, journalist, and literary editor for the publishing house Naim Frasheri.Since 1970 he has dedicated his time to selecting and editing books written in the Albanian language which originated from regions such as Kosova and Macedonia, and has been a lecturer of this section of literature at the Tirana University. Since 1981 he has worked in the publishing sector of the National Assembly.

He has published the following books: “Pasqyra e thyer” (The Broken Mirror, 1972), “Lule drite” (Flower of Light, 1977), “Grusht” (Fist, 1981), “Intimitet” (Intimacy, 1987), “Aventurat e Lirisë” (Adventures of Freedom, 1995), “Ëndërr dashurie” (Love Dream, 1996). Additionally, he has written many children’s books and lyrics for songs, which have led to him wining many awards. For the daily press of Albania he has written many literary critiques, reviews and essays.


The new century is knocking on the door.

Are you ready for the road, people…

I appear in front of it half sleeping,

My laces untied,

One arm of my jacket unworn.

I cannot tell it to wait

To walk with it I cannot.

Irony laughs at my face

The new century.


When the scientist will be called a poet

When the poet a scientist will become

You will be multiplied by zero my love

Or you will be crowned a true king

Or you will be proclaimed a leader of the future

That the whole world has never known.

O island of the yesterday.

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