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Humanism, respect, gifts and applause for the NHS

Prof Dr Fatmir Terziu


Covid-19 and his situation in the United Kingdom have not left aside the commitment of many Albanian businesses to help and give moral support to the NHS. In one of the very successful companies "JET Scaffolding" Ltd, led by the Albanian businessman Jetmir Cufaj, were seen the placement of a large slogan written in English "Thank you NHS!" This is set against two backgrounds, a white and a blue, and accompanied by a red heart as a sign of respect for those working on the front. This comes at a time when figures released by the NHS this afternoon (Tuesday, May 5) brought the death toll in the capital to 5,231. This comes after the government is expected to announce a plan to exit the blockade in the coming days. Boris Johnson will make an announcement on Sunday, May 10th. London Nightingale Emergency Hospital has also announced that it is unlikely to take any new patients. Professor Charles Knight, CEO of NHS Nightingale Hospital, the hospital located at the Excel Centre in East London specifically for patients with coronavirus, shared his appreciation for all involved, but added that the hospital's role in London's response to the virus "does not" it's over". He said: "London is now going through the first peak of coronavirus cases, and the NHS is, moving on to the second phase of its response to Covid-19.

On the other hand, bouquets of flowers and a considerable number of pizzas, always as a sign of respect for NHS staff in one of the London hospitals were donated by a law firm where the co-owner is Diamand Hidri and the beauty salon owned by the couple Lana and Qemal Visha. Two beautiful Albanian girls from the Hidri and Visha families held bouquets of flowers and, following the rules set by this situation, donated them to the entrance of the London hospital. Furthermore, the hospital staff was presented with pizzas as a sign of respect with a gesture that has already become a model for Thursday in Great Britain, that of applause.

This humane action was supported even by his presence at the scene by the activist of the Albanian community and the specialist of the Municipality, Lavdrim Krashi. According to the protagonists of this humane and very significant action, the reason was the respect and gratitude for the Albanian doctors who are on the front line, and more specifically in honour of the Albanian doctor Altin Hoxha, who worked in the emergency room of two well-known hospitals in London in the war. against Covid-19. Dr. Altin Hoxha, always according to eyewitnesses and the protagonists themselves, has thanked his compatriots for their gifts and humane gesture".

Both human and moral support cases are one more reason to say that Albanians are already turning what this country has done for them into more than two decades of presence and what the state and NHS are doing for everyone in this time. Today was also good news after it was learned that there will be no need to accept patients in London Nightingale, the hospital that was set up for this reason, for the reasons of Covid-19. It is learned that the hospital will be placed on standby, ready to resume operations as and when necessary. London Mayor Sadiq Khan shared his tweet, thanking NHS staff, volunteers and army personnel for ensuring the adequate existence of critical care beds. At the same time, everyone thanked humanity and moral support for the NHS.

Nearly 30,000 people have died from coronavirus in the UK, with 5,231 of them in the capital alone. As of today (Tuesday, May 5), the latest figures show that 29,427 people have died from Covid-19 in the UK, with 693 reported this afternoon.



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