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Ghost Diamond

By Fatmir Terziu

It was Monday the first day at school after a week’s holiday. I had nearly arrived at school when I saw a diamond-shaped glass stone. I picked it up. The stone started to glow in my hand. I put it in my bag.

At playtime I went to play football. As I was playing, I felt cold.

My heart started to bit faster and faster.

My eyes went red.


“What happened?” asked Mrs. Katty (my teacher)

“I don’t know,” replied Ben.

“Maybe he is ill,” suggested Garry.

I couldn’t sleep that night. There was rattling on the window. I WAS PETRIFIED. Suddenly a fast-dark figure passed by.

At eight o’clock the next morning, I dressed then rushed downstairs to have breakfast. Then I rushed to school. During Literacy Hour we were writing ghost stories.... Again, I felt cold.

I couldn’t hear anybody…

I saw the dark figure again.

Was it my imagination or was it a ghost?

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…

…And fell off the chair I was sitting on…

Next thing I knew was that everyone from my class had gathered around me. Even Mr. Buttits (the head teacher of Bomeny Junior School, Leighburgh) was there.

“Sam, Sam! Are you alright?” he asked.

“Yes. But – you won’t believe me – but – I saw a ghost!”

“Sam, I am going to phone your dad to take you home. You look a bit tired.”


“No but’ s.”

My dad took me home.

That night was horrible. I could see green light – red light – green light – Was it a fight? A fight between unnatural beings? Why am I thinking like this? There is not such thing! – and red light.

I wanted to see what was happening, but I couldn’t even move a finger. What was happening to me?

Then silver light and dark…

Nobody believed me.

It was the last week at school. The year would soon be over. It was a rainy day so we all had to stay inside for playtime.

“Uuuuughhhh!” hauled Adam, then “Aaaaarrrrrgggghhh! A ghost, behind you!” and everyone started to laugh. I ignored them.

“Did you really see a ghost?” asked DB.

“Why, do you believe me?”

“No…it be true – can it?”

“If you don’t believe me, leave me alone!”

He did leave me alone, but after three minutes he came back and Ben and Garry were with him.

“What now?” I asked DB. I turned to Ben and Garry “And you two don’t belong in this class!”

“They came with me,” said DB.

“We saw a wooden trapdoor, yesterday – you know -”

“Were is it?” I cried at once. “It could be linked to a secret passageway.”

“It was on the ceiling of the boys toilet.” said Garry.

“Let’s go and explore it then.”

“What do you really mean by that?”

“It think we should climb and see were it ends!”

We quickly ran to the boys’ toilet and on the ceiling I saw a trapdoor I had never noticed before.

“But how are we going to climb up there?” asked Ben.

I ignored the question.

“DB, stay here with Ben, I am going with Garry – ”

“But were to.” asked DB.

“The storeroom, of course!” I said and I set off – with Garry running after me – past many classrooms where pupils were having their indoor breaks, to the storeroom.

Luckily the door was open. We got the ladder we were looking for and set off quickly.

“To the toilet.”

“Why?" I thought for a minute.

“Because Mr. Buttits wants us to.”

“Where is he?

“There, of course.” I said pointing to the toilet.

“I just came out, he wasn’t there.” Dan looked at us accusingly.

“Well… He might have left. He will come back.”

Dan walked away. We carried the ladder to the boys’ toilet and shut the door behind us so no one could come in.

“What took you so long?” asked Ben.

“Dan.” Said Garry and Ben understood.

We all climbed the ladder one at a time. I was first so I had to open the trapdoor. When we went through we found ourselves in a passageway.

The passageway was really dark and cold. There were black snakes on the corners. Green frogs were jumping all around. A bright one jumped on my head. I tried to scream but it got stuck on my throat.

I shook my head and the frog fell off.

I wondered where we were or where we were going. I wondered if DB Ben and Garry were trying to trick me. We walked for what seemed to be half an hour and we were at the end of the passageway. And there we were - the boys’ toilet. When we were nearly there we were stopped by Dan.

“Where are you taking that ladder?” he asked.

…Hundreds of flour coloured ghosts (if they were ghosts, because they didn’t look like I expected ghosts to) had captured a bright silver unicorn. Was this a dream? DB, Garry and Ben were screaming at the top of their lungs.

“Aha, the diamond has come to us,” exclaimed their leader.

Ben, Garry and DB looked both scared and puzzled.

Then the thing looked into my eyes.

“Give me the diamond, or we will kill all four of you.” He shouted. I froze.

“What’s ‘the diamond’?” whispered Ben.

“It’s a long story,” I replied, “I will tell you later.”

So now I understood that the fight that I saw had been between the ghosts and the unicorn. I heard a loud scream then the unicorn said:

“Just destroy it and the things will all vanish forever, and I will be free. Please set me free!”

I was petrified. I didn’t know what to do. But then, I threw the diamond. The unicorn was free. The ghosts vanished into thin air. But the stone was destroyed.

“Thank you!” said the unicorn and it too vanished.

We ran dawn the passageway and out of the trapdoor, and the trapdoor vanished behind us! Ben and Garry rushed to their class. When DB and I arrived at our class, Mrs Katty looked angry. “Where have you two been? I have been looking for you. You’ve already missed your playtimes for tomorrow - writing where you have been and what you were doing.”

I looked up at DB. He looked up at me.

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