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Richard Dacre writes, lectures and broadcasts on cinema, specialising in British cinema. He wrote Trouble In Store: Norman Wisdom - A Career In Comedy, a ground-breaking, well-received book about the great British slapstick clown which was published in 1991. In 2012 he returned to the subject for a section in the book British Comedy Cinema. In-between, he wrote a key piece about comedy films, Traditions of British Comedy, for The British Cinema Book, the full version of which is contained in its 2009 third edition. In addition to writing, lecturing and broadcasting about cinema, Richard also works as a tour guide, sharing his love of his home city of London. He occasionally gets the chance to combine the two activities notably, in 2011, doing a series of tours around locations of Ealing comedies. One of these, for The Lavender Hill Mob, was filmed by the Guardian for their website, and another - Passport to Pimlico - was the basis for an ongoing series of location featurettes commissioned by Studio Canal for inclusion on their DVD/BluRay restorations of films made in London. He is currently based at Royal Albert Hall, writing and conducting tours as well as researching this iconic venue's rich history as both a film location and a film exhibition site and is currently updating their souvenir brochure.

By Richard Dacre

One of my key childhood memories is laughing uproariously at the inspired cinematic antics of Norman Wisdom. His wonderful blend of comic characterisation and skilled slapstick kept me, and much of my generation enthralled and the coffers of his production company, the Rank Organisation, well stocked.

By the late 1960s, when I was a student, the cinematic renaissance being felt throughout Europe plus a renewed theore