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Vilhelme Vranari Haxhiraj


Wilhelme Haxhiraj (Vranari) is a strong pen of Albanian literature. It has established a clear profile as a prose writer by regaining lost human soul and the nation through characters and their unfortunates that carry the fate of our society. Prose has its global size of a drama.

Wilhelme Haxhiraj (Vranari) is an erudite writer, with more culture and more space. She writes in all genres, such as literature and journalism, as long prose and short, poetry, humour, fables etc. Representing her work in all genres now she becoming known in the country and abroad.

Haxhiraj was honored with the award "Skanderbeg" for poetry, awarded by the association "Zemra Arbereshe" and Italy's Culture Ministry. She has received several prestigious awards in Albania and Kosovo.

* Roots

(Poetry Prize winner "Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu" Italy 2009)

Roots ...

here sowed,

in this land of washed blood.

Branches ...

were distributed around the world

Eye ... dripped tears,

Light of the truth when he saw ...

The mothers language ...

Sounded sweet,

there, where roots threw inches.

Horizons glowing tasted ...

there, where the lamb bleats

Around the world asked,

not seen anywhere,

returned and found

roots ...

there, where the left ...!


You ...

you sun of my life,

that days with frost

and the warmth.

You ...

You are the peace of languished soul,

wave in the storm

life, thanks to the silence.

You ...

you are the dream of every creature

who lives forever

The prosperity bestowed.

You ...

you are the light of the heavens

that without laziness highlights

dark nights of the loneliness.

You ...

desirable love,

are the main word of humanity

that pave the path for goodness.

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