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Without Age

Nase Jani

Nase Jani

Nase Jani is an Albanian writer, poet, and publicist. He lives in Greece and divides his time between Tirana and Athens. He publishes the literary magazine “Pelegrin” and has created the writer’s club “Drita”. He has published many books.

Without Age

“I feel too old

to conquer the world...”

Napoleon said,

When he was going to be

35 years old...

“I feel young

to make the world wise...”

Goethe said,

As he approached

His 90s...

The emperor

Or the poet,

Who is right?

Don’t Wipe My Tear!

My soul is full of longing

And my longing burns,

It burns and becomes tears…

The tears fill the eye

Make the eyelashes heavy

With the weight of the globe…

Can I hold it?

No it can’t be held…

The tear is a name,

It is love…

Are you thirsty?

Drink it,

But please do not wipe it!…

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