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Types of Translation services

The Most Important Types of Translation services that we do professionally are:

· Literary translation

· Professional translation

· Technical Translation

· Administrative translation


As the name Literary translation may suggest, this type is all about translating literary works like stories, poems, plays, etc.


The next type of translation is professional translation. Any type of translations that are used for professional purposes, we would usually fit into this category. Some common examples would be a medical translation or a legal translation.


Technical translations are also technical, as the name suggests. Here, we’re usually talking about translating technical content for businesses such as:

· Engineering Documents

· Instruction Manual

· User guides

· Technical Training


The administrative translation is a translation type used for the documents and management texts of organisations like corporate or regional businesses.

· Machine translation

· Judicial Translation

· Website Translation

· Script Translation

· Multimedia Localisation

· Financial translation

· Commercial Translation (Also overlaps with professional translation)

· Legal translation

· Medical translation

· Medical Translation

· Legal Translation

· Business Translation

· Corporate Translation

· Financial Translation

· Marketing Translation

· Books Translation

· All Industries

We know that the translator must understand your goals for the project to become a success. That’s why before we start translating anything, we have a specialist who makes sure we understand your goals.

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