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This world disillusions me

Edmond Ismailati

Edmond Ismailati

Born in Memaliaj. He completed the school for Technical Mining in his hometown

Currently he is continuing his higher education in Psychology dhe Sociology at Touro College, New York City. He is the co-author in the poetry anthologies, “Bota ska gjumë'” (The World does not sleep), “Perëndim i mallur” (Longed for West), “Itaka e fjalës” (The Ithaca of the word), “Zemra Prindërore” (The Parental Heart) and “Tensione sentimentale” (Sentimental Tensions). He has published creative writing, and literary critique in the written press. Since the year 2000, he has lived in Brooklyn, New York City together with his family.

This world disillusions me

The world is still in turmoil,

Like the veins of fire it releases

People into times and lives,

The many labyrinths surprise it.

Why is this world moaning,

Completely filled with despair,

It adds screams to the wounds

Drunk, they unfortunately hide.

Only the physique is perfected,

The bad spirits still live in the skeleton,

The sinners, still destroy the world,

Desperate, I shout: “This world disillusions me!”

The Silent City

Suddenly I learned, my father had left me an orphan

In the Kingdom of Silence he lives,

At night I hear silent whispers,

Maybe wanting to return, he listens in on us silently,

Breakdowns, painful tears, again return at day

The historic conviction, the voiceless city bequeaths.

Completely sunk, it has decided to exist.

Only the cold doors, of marble I can distinguish,

Engraved by the chisel, numb letters on the stones, I read,

At his side, a friend of mine, that life has decided to place.

This city of contrasts, populated by multicoloured flowers,

With the sound of storms of tears, and comforted with flowers

What bad luck, one goes young and the other old, there’s no law to distinguish.

At the door of the last home I see his picture

Thoughtful with his feeble glance as if watching me,

Together with the silence, there’s something he wants to say.

At a young age, his life suddenly changed.

The distancing in this season, only God commands it,

Whoever leaves, and his life, is donated to the sky!

#edmond #ismailati

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