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Exclamation, for the city of my birth…

Iliriana Sulkuqi

Iliriana Sulkuqi

Iliriana Sulkuqi (Fejzullai) was born in the city of Elbasan in 1951. Iliriana Sulkuqi studied at the Armed Forces Academy. Sulkuqi also completed studies in linguistics, literature, and philosophy.

Upon graduating until 1995 Iliriana Sulkuqi was an officer at the Armed Forces Academy and is a lieutenant colonel. While an officer Sulkuqi was also a journalist for the military press: a time in which Sulkuqi gave her contribution as an editor at the Armed Forces Publishing House. Her latest engagement as a journalist was for “Drita” (The Light) newspaper, a publication of the Albanian Writers Union. Currently, Iliriana Sulkuqi overseas the publication of Pelegrin, a literary magazine. Since 2004 Iliriana Sulkuqi resides in New York.

Iliriana Sulkuqi began to write at an early age. Sulkuqi has received numerous national and international awards. Her poems have appeared translated in: Italian, Greek, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Rumanian, and English, and have been included in several anthologies published in Albania and elsewhere. An entrance about Iliriana Sulkuqi could be found in the Albanian Encyclopedia of Journalists and “Leksikoni i shkrimtareve Shqiptare 1501-2001” (The Leksikon of Albanian Writers 1501-2001) authored by Hasan Hasani.

Iliriana Sulkuqi is the author of several books of poetry. Currently she is in the process of publishing two more books “My homes in Kosova”, and “Po plaaas…!” ( I’m fed up), a dedication to her hometown Elbasan: a collection of essays, poetry, short stories, interviews and correspondence.

“Kësulkuqja” (Little Red Riding Hood) a children’s magazine, was Sulkuqi’s idea who also contributed to its publication. 3000 copies of the magazine were donated to children in Kosova and Macedonia. Further, Iliriana Sulkuqi was the contributor and initiator of an anthology of works by Albanian writers in Exile titled “Perëndim i malluar” (Longing for the sunset), edited by Dhori Thanas, published by “Arberia” Publishing House.

Since 1974 Iliriana is a member of the Albanian Writers Union; since September 30, 2003 a member of the International Federation of Journalists; member of the Albanian- American Academy of Arts and Science (January 5, 2006); member of the Albanian Writers Club Drita.

Exclamation, for the city of my birth…

My city, place of my birth,

I feel you from far

I see you from far…

I kiss you with felt longing

Until my departure lessens my weariness

Here where I fall asleep and wake,

Like a nomad without an address

Sometimes snow from Alaska comes to me

And other times hot air from Florida

Sometimes guests come

From different nations

Different colours…

And though we find ourself in celebrations

I am unable to dance

Even though the flowers, the fruit, the trees

Are the same as at you

A silent plane tree is missing,

And an aroma, which only you possess.

Our Night…

“There in the middle of the night, rainy sky

Here morning…”

Your morning finds me tired,

How should I come?

The fibres of night, I knit and undo

with fingers…

In your night, today I remained awake,

Until morning,

Ah, your Awakening ‘stole’ my dreams,

Again I wait for a dream…

My night, today it comes,

Two lives long,

There is no birth, there is no sun, there is

Only night…

And day-night, is only night,

True night

That blossoms with you, the new morning

And dawns quickly…

Tonight I don’t sleep, and if I do,

I am awake…

I am your breath, I’m flying,

Over the ocean…

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