About Sotir Athanasi


Sotir Athanasi was born in Athens on 26 May 1940 in an Albanian intellectual family. He was only six months old when his father, a mechanic engineer returned with his family in Tirana. When Sotir was only seven years old, he was left orphan.

Due to the notorious « class struggle » under the communist rule ( 1945 - 1990) he was denied the right to university studies and publication, although he was a gifted person for literature. After the ‘ 90, he returned to Athens. For almost two decades he ran a tourist shop with Albanian music, movies and books.

He has published the long stories « "Pusi i virgjëreshës" ( The Well of a Virgin) "Midis Dy Dashurive" (Between two Loves) "Polen Gruaje" (Woman Pollen) and a collection of 30 short stories "Romancë nën Harkun e Triumfit" (Romance under the Arch of Triumph).

The last two books were published at AMAZON by the Planetary Publishing House «Globeedit».

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