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Remzi Basha

Remzi Basha

The poet, prose writer and publicist, Remzi Basha, has now become a prominent member of Albanian literature. His creative work, very intensive literary-artistic, in poetry and prose, have offered the nectar to the garden of creativity. Born on 1stAugust 1960, in the village of Sllapuzhan, Therand, Basha completed his primary and secondary school in his place of birth. Born and raised in an environment where nationalism and patriotism was valued, together with awareness for the history and the issues of the motherland, Remzi Basha was to complete his higher education in the faculty of History and Geography. The future professor of History and Geography would make his passion for creating artistic literature clear, in which he originally dedicates his love for his country, Kosova, patriotism and the issues of his nation. He contributes greatly to the integration of the national values and the national identity in Sweden, where he has been living together with his family since the 1990’s. As a known activist for the national cause, as well as an opponent of the Serbian regime and of Milosevic, he would have been in the firing line of the brutal regime, and this fact made him move away from Kosova. However, even in Sweden, away from his homeland, Remzi Basha would continue with his activities for the national cause, for the independence of Kosova. His contribution to the cause included raising the issue into the Swedish government, in asking for their help in supporting Kosova, and later in recognising Kosovan independence. His values as a creator and activist meant that he became part of the Academy of Writers in Sweden, with the role as a teacher for the youngsters in this country. Basha is a researcher, analyst and historian for the national cause. In his entire literary work, poetry, prose and journalism, the Albanian morals and traditions are clearly seen. He has created a great deal of work including:

The rebirth of the homeland (Ringjallja e Atdheut)Take me with you (Merrmë me vete)The two Adems (Dy Ademat)The Congress of the Unification of Albania (Kongresi i Lidhjes Shqiptare)In the Motherland (Në tokën amë)The Voice of Kosova (Zëri i Kosovës)

The work of this tireless creator sends out the message of love for the homeland, the unification of brotherhood.

“More has to be done now than ever for Kosova. If we all decide to place one stone in the foundations of the motherland, we will be able to build skyscrapers. The initiative needs to be taken by Albanians” the poet, writer and publicist, Remzi Basha, states.


She came like a line,

And slowly sat in my poem,

A swallow which had come from far!

I asked: Where are you from?

From Albania you were!

In your eyes were drowned

The valleys with grass.

In your smile,

The white lily blossomed,

Your dreams were deep like the sea.

You came without hurting me,

You murmured to me your thoughts.

While waiting for you,

I thought that Life was born!


It’s waking like a phoenix,

It gathers its feathers,

Its wings and feet,

Powerfully like the sun,

Look at its flight,

Oh God!

It moves like the river,

The waves are mounting,

The bed is rising,

The body of the motherland is growing,

Like once in legends,

I am seeing with my eyes,

What fairytale beauty,

My son!

The stars have descended,

To look at the beauty,

Oh motherland,


Your broken heart,


And the sky may crack

Out of spite of your beauty!

Wherever I return from,

I see you, I touch you,

Like the child.

You rise higher,

Higher than all high points,

Than the highest point in the world,

Created by our God!

Since you are Fire and you burn,

I do not want to stop my song for you,

Until the Sun falls on the earth,

Hence every night,

I quarrel and fight,

Among the lines,


For YOU,

I would quarrel even with deities.

If I fall forgetful,

Any day,

Under your shadow,

Under your sun,

Like the children do,

I would wake up quickly,

And take strength,

Like Ante!

I, your son, would set off,

Towards your borders, motherland!

I don’t want to bring,

Bad memories,

That hurt the heart,

I only wanted to say:

“My tears are flowing,

For those that are not seeing you,

The good ones,

The fallen ones,

Those that created,

With their own blood,

Oh God!


They are amongst us!

They are in every corner of the motherland,

In the middle of Kosova,

In the sky they are,

Together with the stars,

They are alive!

Near the waves of the White Drin,

Of the black Drin,

Over the mountains of Pashtrik,

And they smile,

At the reborn homeland.

Look, the great Novemberists,

They have unfolded the flags,

Hearts, and have raised their heads,

And echo,

Whether with a gun shot in Paris,

Or with the drawing of a gun in London,

And as if they say:

“There are Albanians!”

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