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Arqile V. Gjata

Arqile V. Gjata

Arqile V Gjata was born in the seaside city of Vlorë in June of 1942. He completed his primary and secondary education in his city of birth. From 1972-75 he continued his studies by correspondence in University of Shkodër, in the faculty of Albanian Language and Literature. From an early age he had published poems, reportages, and short stories in the local press and in the newspaper “Zëri i Rinisë” (The Voice of Youth). However for most of his life he has worked professionally as an electrician. For many years he has collaborated with the Albanian press in Athens by publishing many stories, reportages, and literary critiques. However he has been mostly writing poetry.

Arqile V Gjata has had work selected in many anthologies and literary magazines such as Qiejtë e shpirtit (The skies of spirits), Itaka (Ithaca), Çelsi i shpirtit (The key of the soul) translated in Romanian, in the literary magazines Pegasi (Pegasus) and Pelegrini (Pilgrim) as well as other magazines such as Dituria (Knowledge).

Arqile Gjata is the author of the books:

Aristidh Kolia – arvanitas me shumë emër (Aristidh Kolia – Famous Arvanite,2000)Kur trazohet jeta (When Life is Shaken, 2005)Kurorë me ngjyra (A crown of colours, 2006)Qyteti që kërkon muzikë (The city that is searching for music, 2008)Gratë e poetëve (The wives of poets, 2009)

Arqile Gjata is a member and the secretary of the Union of writers and artists in Athens, LITER-ART, as well as a member of staff of the literary magazine published by Grigor Jovani, Pegasi (Pegasus).


They started hastily with the winds

Poets, wise and not normal

Combing the traditions

Dissolving the fat of dreams

Making love like the blind…

In the air full of smog

With smiles as long as the night

Frozen birds prepare dinner

For poets and writers, full of concern,

With mild spirit

They whisper about those that will remain.



Risen from the dust of time

Photographs reality…


Like a lonely city,

Filled with shelves of memories,

Under the eyelashes of the sun’s rays,

Inside his soul he touches,

Stroking love.

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