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Lydia Holland


Dr Fatmir Terziu


In life I believe that inspiration of music comes from the real life.

My documentary will show this action by exploring the young musician’s life with the music.

The main conflict is between hers experience in Albania and new ones in the UK.

Ultimately I want the audience to feel that the love of music started since you were child and to understand that what musicians play today, what composers write, it is simply something that God inspired to them, and its simply an expansion of the river of the steps of a person walking in the park.

TOPIC and EXPOSITIONMy documentary subject is a person. She is a young Albanian Pianist living in London, UK. By the time she was 12, she had played the Haydn Piano Concerto D with the Korce Philharmonic Orchestra. At the age of 17 she moved to the UK to continue her studies under the tuition of Professor Raphael Terroni at the London College of Music and Media. There she won many prizes, including the Piano Concerto Prize for her performance of Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano Concerto.I want to present that walking riverside where the birds’ song never stops, the colours of the four seasons are seen all at the same time, you are totally lost in this beautiful natural design. The sound of the river and the song of the birds inspire the idea in your mind. It is here that Mariela Cingo was inspired to play her music.


a. The sequence’s action will be

b. The factual information it contributes to the documentary will be

c. The conflicts it evidences will be

d. The metaphor I’d use to convey its subtextual meaning is

e. The events in the sequence are structured around by

f. I expect the sequence to contribute to the documentary as a whole by

g. Specifically it contributes to the film’s hypothesis that

h. I expect to get from it the following special, perhaps emblematic imagery


a. The first interview person is Lydia Holland. She is the Chairman of the White Hall Orchestra, where the Mariela plays piano. She knows her from many years in music relationship.

b. The second person interview is Michael Fage. He is the conductor of the Royal Albert Hall, where Mariela has some number of concerts. He also is famous person from music background and play writer in the BBC. I think this person contributes to my documentary story because of his experience in music and his background. The metaphoric role of this person is that he knows much better secrets of Mariela Cingo’s life with music in the UK for more than eight years.


a. The main issue of this documentary is to contribute something what was clear even then was her musicianship, her inherit understanding of the music emotionally. Furthermore is something like exploration of the young talented people living in the UK.

b. The interviewers are playing out that Mariela has played with them in several of concerts and now she can count her rests and come in at the right time as well as any orchestral player. They think that this is great help for a concert pianist because you do find some concert solos are not really very familiar playing with an orchestra. So they always enjoy any opportunity of playing with Mariela. For them she has a sparkling carrier in front of her.


a. My intended audience is mostly young audience.

b. I can expect the audience to know hers experience with music but not to know details of hers life.

c. Audience biases are

d. Alternative facts, ideas, or feelings my audience needs to understand are

e. My audience with see new truths because of love of music.


a. Narration

b. Lighting

c. Camera handling

d. Parallel storytelling

e. Juxtaposition of like or unlike materials to create comparison.

8.RESOLUTION. I suppose that the documentary Rivermusic starts with establishing shot of Mariela’s walking along a riverside while the narrative comes on and the documentary ending is in same place but in opposite direction. Documentary ending gives clearly the message that she is walking in this path, meditating on life, trying to find out what happened when she was a little girl, how she came to walk the path that she walks now and the path that she walks might be bendy, because she didn’t know what’s around the corner.

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