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Mother or the stopped time

Nehas Sopaj


Nehas Sopaj is a poet, writer, critic and academic, who lives in Skopje, Macedonia. He has published many books and studies.

Let the Sky be

Let the sky be

A road

Let the road be

A dream

Let the dream be

A flame

Let the flame be sky again

Let the sky now be a growing sky

Let me be the Traveller coming to meet it

Again from the beginning the road

The dream, the flame

The night.

Mother or the stopped time

Slightly before she died, Mother looked at the clock on the wall,

She waited and waited

For the time of her death,

But all the birds of the world

Fell to the floor.

The earth became ash,

And the wind – Hera

or the bride with no veil,

who wanted to escape to beyond time,


With my hands I dismissed all of the stars from the sky.

My mother looked at the clock on the wall,

The wall trembled:

“Hold tight mother”!

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