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Lutjet tona

Eleonora Niko Qeparoi (Elko)

Our Prayers

We know that often, we must pray for the lovely ones,

We need to pray for our parents and our children.

For the Earth that gives us everything, the Sun that shines

For Heaven that stands over us as a shelter of hope!

Pray for the people, who are suffering around us today,

They enter in life with a great dream of hope.

They rose, fall, and often clash with angels and devils,

And they wait for someone to warm the frozen heart!

We must soothe the soul that feels lonely,

He waits ... eager to cast any understanding of love.

Leave the way open; let the good angels approach,

Never take them away in anger, or in the worst way!

© ELKO N. Qeparoi

Eleonora Gjoka

November 26, 2016, York.

Lutjet tona

E dime se shpesh, duhet te lutemi per te gjithe,

Te lutemi per vehte per per prindet dhe femijet.

Per Token qe na jep gjithecka, Diellin qe ndrin

Per Qiellin qe si strehe shprese mbi krye na rri.

Te lutemi per njerezit qe sot vuajne rreth nesh,

Qe hyjne ne jete me endrra te medha e shprese.

Cohen, bien, perplasen shpesh me engjej e djaj,

Dhe presin dike te ngrohin zemren e ngrire acar!

Duhet te qetesojme shpirtin qe ndjehet ne vetmi,

Ai...pret i etur cdo cast per mirekuptim e dashuri.

Lereni rrugen te hapur, te afrohen engjejt e mire,

Mos i largoni kurre me mllef, inate meri e cmire!

© ELKO N. Qeparoi

26 Nentor 2016, N.York.

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