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By Fatmir Terziu

Today the strangest thing happened. I don’t know quite how but I saw it with my own eyes. I saw a cat and a fox having a conversation.

It was morning when I saw them. I saw them when walking in a riverside path, and I heard what they said.

“You know,” said the fox to the cat, “where I come from the autumn is nearly over.”

“We cats don’t mind what season it is, it’s not the end of the world you know.”

“Well it would be if you were a fox. The coming of the winter means hibernation.”

“That’s sleep. You aren’t telling me you don’t like sleep?” said the cat.

“Well I did, but how can I sleep with all the trees shaking in anger, and only because humans use wood to make fire.”

“Well we cats can sleep any time we want; human homes are nice and warm.”

“I don’t know, how come humans let you in their homes, but hunt us foxes down?”

The cat seemed not to listen, but then suddenly replied.

“Don’t ask me, my owners are really nice, they feed me four times a day and let me sleep all the time. You should come with me, you know. You can sleep any time you want at my owners’ house.”

“I can’t. How can I go and stay with the ones that pollute the air and the water I drink from this river? I’d rather listen to the shouting trees when trying to sleep, than go anywhere near humans!”

I listened dumbstruck at their conversation, not knowing quiet what had happened. I turned around and headed back towards home.

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