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Dr Fatmir Terziu

A title for this short film is Forgotten Fear. It is a video poetry based on one of my poems from my volume Don’t Silence which was printed in Albania in 2000 by Seiko Publishing House. The main aim of this project is to outline the relationship of the daily life with surroundings in the city, where the main character lives. Other aims are related to explore the forgotten fear of the character, who has forgotten to cry, to smile, to wake up, to sleep, to die or to live.

The main character is a young lady who is in deep thought. She starts walking in slow motion in a street filled with new cars on either side.

The key images focusing her from Long Shot to Medium Shot and while the camera pans from her left to right next images would be trees and buildings from the city. Camera moves around the trees and buildings to stop on the street when a young lady and young man are walking together. There is a silent conversation between them until a young man walks on the opposite side of the young lady. These images would be helped by other images of both them in Long Shot walking in front of the big Elms, while in the background we see a field with flowers.

At this point this project fulfils other aims that are close to the young lady’s inside world. She has forgotten to kiss, and others are scared to kiss her. She is scared to go, and others are scared to stay with her. She has a fear to keep silent and to speak with her others are frightened. She is very scared. The young lady is again walking between buildings and trees, while a young man walks past her and never looks at her once. She stops for a while, turns her head back looking at him to complete the last aim of this project, which is that she has been forgotten for a long time by this forgotten fear.

The music which is played by piano is always in the background.

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