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Doors of kneeling

Mensur Spahiu

Mensur Spahiu

Born in Kukës on the 1st October 1958, Mensur Spahiu completed his primary, secondary and high education in economics, in Kukës.

From 1982 until 1986 he worked in the state owned company “Alb Turizmi”, Kukës branch. From 1986 up to 1995, he worked in the chrome mine “Kalimash”, in Kukës. Since 2001, he has lived and worked in the state of Michigan, USA.

He has published collections of poetry entitled I am afraid of people- 2006, I often get out of myself– 2007. He is also the co-author in the anthologies: The world does not sleep- 2006, Longed for West- 2006, Ithaca of words- 2007.   

Doors of kneeling

Have you seen the doors of states;

Flowers, ornaments, a fresh aroma they hold!

Facing them the sculptures of wild animals,

Gory in horror, they come from the Medieval

The workers seem mute                

Though they wear proud clothes!                  

Mute the door, windows; mute the walls,

Their greatness, in the quiet, changes

This way, the doors to the body of women;

Full of flowers, ornaments, tattoos of wild animals!

Quietly resemble the doors of states,

Their insides resemble certainly! 

Proud and invincible everyone is headed

Preferring to conquer the insides!

Not remembering that before someone fell or left,                  

The fate of the first will follow the brightness!!!    

The biting of words

Something quick the daughter wanted,

She spoke hastily and with her eyes,

I needed the medicine-word,

Lowered my head as if to get it read

The son interrupted coldly,

As if the daughter had taken something of his!

The word froze in my lips,

Asthmatic eyes dawned heavily in my face!  

In her way the wife exploded,

More conquering than any empire!      

The tongue needed the saliva,

In the dry mouth of an asthmatic!           

Half teeth, the words approached

Shinning metallically!

The head fell as if cut by the sword,

From the fearful biting of the word!!!     

#mensur #spahiu             

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