When I laughed in my sleep

    Vaid Hyzoti

    Vaid Hyzoti

    He is a poet, publicist, critic and journalist. He is author of many volumes of poetry including “Qyteti i të Marrëve” (The city of the dumb), and also of short humoristic prose including “Thashatheme të vërteta” (True rumours). He lives and works in the United States of America

    When I laughed in my sleep

    I attempt to kiss my daughter, but she moves away

    “Com’on Dad,

    I’m no longer a child…”

    My wife scolds me under her breath:

    “What are you doing?

    She is quite grown up, husband…”

    I don’t want it, but uneasiness catches up

    My dad

    Has never kissed me.

    I am unable…

    He is flustered. I eat him with my eyes.

    But I want to return the smile to my son.

    He adds more requests to the list:

    I want Wii, iPod,

    I want PlayStation!

    I look at him and think:

    How much he looks like my dad

    Even when he is serious,

    Even when he causes a commotion.

    I am empty pocketed, but I cannot refuse.

    To obey my father-

    That is how I was brought up.

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