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Hysen Çifligu

Hysen Çifligu

Hysen Çifligu was born in Pilur of Devoll, Albania on April 1957. He completed his secondary studies in the secondary school of Progri. In 1997 he immigrated to the USA after winning the American lotto for a Green Card. Currently he lives in Florida together with his family. Poetry has always been his passion. He has completed two poetry books, and is waiting for the right time to publish these.


When Half meets a half, it creates a whole…

Half on its own, is called one, two together, are something different.

The radius of a circle is of course, the half from a diameter.

Earth spins at all times, together connected, two hemispheres

Half day and half night, seasons collected in a long year.

A complete brain harmonizes, every thought and emotion

If it had only one half, and it blundered, it’d have no penance

Theory is but half, without the practice of the act.

Remove from water hydrogen, and try to quench thirst with oxygen.

For all waters, if this is done, it’d be pointless buying a fishing rod, the fish’d be caught.

Just like the yellowing of autumn, leaves fall, yellow, rot; and so the widow.

The finger is discomforted without a nail, but more so a man without a wife.

Pointlessly despaired after marriage, are husbands and wives with many habits.

Better separate to their own accord, than two halves joined together.

Politic is bitter, when for light it puts you in darkness.

The Nation is to mourn for, divided in many pieces.

(For this please excuse me, where the tooth hurts, the tongue follows)

Weapons of mass destruction cause the planet to wail.

If humankind was to use these, pointlessly upon Earth, its representation.

When the flame reaches the seventh heaven, there is no man who will guard the money.

(If there really was someone, while burning I would laugh out loud)

New times change the old, like a one hand which washes the other.

Night doesn’t come to stop the morning, virtuosity itself draws the dew.

From these and a few others, half shows the door to half.


Your are not, at all, the world of money,

Love, You have no boundary or mass!

You were, when for me there was no dawn

Without me, You have been in my heart!

Said straight, simply, with few words,

The entire world would be formed disabled.

What great idea would God have had,

Had He Himself been missing Love?!

Love, you gave me that, which I have,

From You, and because of You I am love.

I turn hatred into another melody

And your footsteps I feel in mine.

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